One hot summer!

Counted up the number of days my weather station recorded 29C and above for the day high.  Sure a lot of them this summer.

# of Summer days 29C and above

2021* – 26

2020 – 7

2019 – 4

2018 – 10

*June 1 to August 15,2021


  • Replaced CR123 battery with Lithium version in Anemometer unit and main sensor unit
  • Gave wind cups and vane a wash.
  • Zip tied wire to mount.  Plastic zip tie was broken

WX cleaning

  • Clean main unit. Spiders in it blocking rain.
  • A weird black dots on plastic. Tried to wash off, but won’t come off.  Air pollution?

PurpleAir Sensor ONLINE!

After a long wait for the replacement power supply, it finally arrived today and got the sensor back online.

PurpleAir Sensor offline

Due to a power supply recall, the outdoor air quality sensor will be offline until a replacement arrives.

February 2019 was cold!

Felt like Feb 2019 was cold, it was!

Olds Alberta Historic Weather Data 1916 to 2019

This Year Avg Feb -19.7C
103 year Avg Feb -8.5C

This Year Avg Jan/Feb -11.9C
103 year Avg Jan/Feb -9.6C

Avg Feb, 2nd coldest last 103 yrs
Avg Jan/Feb, 22nd coldest in last 103 yrs

So yes, brrr!

Anemometer fixed and Station Upgrades

Replacement anemometer cups arrived today. Since I had to order new parts, I took advantage and ordered a new 24-Hour Fan for the temperature sensor and batteries and the new Aerocone rain collector with anti bird sitting spikes. Got everything installed today. Some pictures of the upgrades.


New anemometer cups installed and spinning.


Old rain collector


New Aerocone rain collector


New 24-hour fan and batteries.  The bearings on the old one was really worn out.  The fan hasn’t worked properly for the last year and a bit.  This should hopefully give me better temperature readings when there isn’t any wind and when the sun is beating down on the unit.

Also made some coding updates to the main front page.  Added some new features and updates.

Happy weather watching!

July 1, 2018 Timelapse Storm


Broken Anemometer

Today’s storm caused damage to the anemometer.  The system recorded 116km/hr winds with hail. New part is on order.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitor Live

The new PurpleAir air quality sensor has been live since December.  The sensor has been working very well so far.

check it out here:

Click on the number circle on the map of Didsbury to bring up the data from my sensor. Ignore the legend table on the left side.

The air quality has been very good for the most part but have seen some spikes.  So far the poor air quality days have been due to wood stove smoke or local farm burning cut brushes.  Seen a few days when the southeast winds are blowing that the air quality becomes poor.  Not sure what pollutant is causing this spike.

If heading outside to exercise, it is worth while to check the air quality and then plan according.