June 1, 2015 – Where is the rain?

Historically, at least since I’ve lived in Central Alberta, the end of May and early June is usually wet.  Here is looking back at the records I’ve measured:

Year  May  June  July
2005 21mm  158mm 53mm
2006 57mm  87mm 37mm
2007 102mm  101mm 21mm
2008 90mm  100mm 67mm
2009 5mm  37mm 51mm
2010 49mm  77mm 63mm
2011 75mm  102mm 49mm
2012 75mm  116mm 102mm
2013 87mm  132mm 31mm
2014 73mm  152mm 27mm
2015 31mm  ?mm ?mm

Few graphs showing the data: (click to enlarge)





My predictions: Going to be a dry summer.  Maybe 70-90mm for June?

Interesting that since 2009 our June rainfall total has continue to rise each year by 20mm or more.  Is that due to more cloud seeding?

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